Valorant Knife Tier List

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Valorant’s current collection has over 70 knives of all kinds. Some are better, and some are ultimately worse. If you are in the market for a new shiny knife, here’s our tier list of all knives in Valorant.

Valorant Knife Tier List

Valorant knife tier list as of February 2023Valorant knife tier list

This is our Valorant knife tier list as of February 2023, with the latest addition being the VCT Lock//In Misericordia:

  • S-Tier: Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife, Gaia’s Wrath, Reaver Karambit, RGX 11Z Pro Firefly
  • A-Tier: Glitchpop Axe, Champions 2021 Karambit, RGX 11Z Pro Blade, Prime//2.0 Karambit, Yoru’s Stylish Butterfly Comb, VCT Lock//In Misericordia
  • B-Tier: Soulstrife Scythe, Blade of Chaos, Glitchpop Dagger, Neptune Anchor, Ion Karambit, Recon Balisong
  • C-Tier: Hack, Personal Administrative Melee Unit, Reaver Knife, Broken Blade of the Ruined King, Waveform, Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat, Artisan Foil, Winterwunderland Candy Cane, Equilibrium, Crimsonbeast Hammer, Araxys Bio Harvester
  • D-Tier: Terminus a Quo, Ion Energy Sword, Oni Claw, Celestial Fan, Relic of the Sentinel, Xenohunter Knife, Forsaken Ritual Blade, Magepunk Shock Gauntlet, Magepunk Electroblade, Cryostasis Impact Drill, Snowfall Wand, Ego Knife, Hu Else, K-Tac Blade, Prime Axe, Prism III Axe, Singularity Knife, Sovereign Sword, Task Force 809 Knife, Prosperity, Velocity Karambit, Luna’s Descent, Venturi Knife
  • F-Tier: Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Baton, Origin Crescent Blade, Iridian Thorn Blade, Blade of Serket, Genesis Arc, Catrina, BlastX Polymer Knifetech Coated Knife, Edlerflame Dagger, Hivemind Sword, Kingdom Knife, Luxe Knife, Striker Knife, Ruin Dagger, Spline Knife, Outpost Melee, Prism Knife, Valorant Go! Vol.1 Knife, Nebula Knife, Smite Knife, Songsteel, Caeruleus, Obsidiana, Titanmail Mace, .sys Melee

Below we will go over each tier, why it looks the way it looks, and a couple of picks in each tier that some may find controversial (and there are a few). But before, there is nothing wrong with liking a skin from lower tiers. No one will stop you from enjoying what you like, so play with whichever knife you want.


Reaver KarambitReaver Karambit

Our S-Tier is made of knives that are the staple of quality in Valorant. You simply can’t go wrong with them. Although Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife is not coming back from the shop, it is one of the cleanest knives in the game with a cool easter egg in the inspect animation.

We see both Gaia’s Wrath and the Reaver Karambit best in their class (axe and karambit). Both have great sound effects, a variety of colors and will look good almost with any gun you have.

Finally, there’s the RGX Firefly. We understand that the bright RGB colors on the knife may not be for everyone. But if it’s a butterfly knife you want, Firefly is the best there is that you can actually buy.


RGX 11Z Pro Blade

The A-Tier ended up being very close to the S-Tier. The knives here are all great, they just don’t hit as hard as the S ones. Glitchpop Axe, Champions Karambit, Prime Karambit, and the new VCT Misericordia look clean and unique enough to have in your collection.

Now let’s answer the burning question – how come Yoru’s Comb and RGX Blade are in the same tier? You will probably agree that RGX is good but not that good to be in S. But what about the comb? You can hate on the comb as much as you want but it is a very colorful and unique butterfly knife. And there is no way, something like Recon Balisong can beat it.


Ion KarambitIon Karambit

Going one step lower, the skins in B-Tier follow the same logic and are objectively very nice-looking knives. A Scythe is …well a scythe, Blade of Chaos along with the Glitchpop has great effects, and where else can you bonk the enemy with an anchor?

The Ion Karambit could have been in A, but the overall shape and design left many players with mixed feelings about it. The same goes for the Balisong. It’s a classic butterfly knife but doesn’t have anything to help it stand out.


Broken Blade of the Ruined KingBroken Blade of the Ruined King

This tier is the definition of “Okay”. Not the worst, but far not the best. They are unique enough but lacking to get into higher tiers, these skins are okay.

For example, Hack lets you wield two melees at once but is basically a Glitchpop ripoff, Protocol can talk but sometimes looks like a pocket knife, and Waveform is pretty much a lightsaber but more expensive.

The knives we were thinking about a lot are the Artisan Foil and Equilibrium. They looked quite basic to put them in C-Tier and looked more like a D, but both are unusual weapon types (foil and a fan) so why not give them a C.


Magepunk Shock GauntletMagepunk Shock Gauntlet

Now we are slowly getting to the depths of the list. D-Tier knives are, let’s just say odd. Like the Terminus a Quo which kind of looks cool but has awkward inspect animation or the Xenohunter Knife which is Valorant’s take on Bayonet. It does have cool animations but without them, it’s upright a default knife.

This tier also has a few slightly overrated skins. Both Oni Claw and Celestial Fan look fine but the hype comes out of nowhere. Okay, maybe the Celestial Fan can go to C. Maybe.

The rest of the skins are all underwhelming. No one will judge you for using them, but you will probably be the only one rocking these skins.


The majority of these knives are knives absolutely no one asked for. There are lots of crappy battle pass skins, as well as a few skins from bundles that are just pure bad. Like the Titanmail Mace or the Caeruleus. Why do they exist? We don’t know.

The Elderflame Dagger and the BlastX knife are kind of okay, but they still feel awkward to use especially when the Elerflame looks like a beast’s tooth on fire. They are just not worth it and we can’t come up with a single reason for you to be using any of these. Only when you have your melee set to random.

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