How Long is Raft Main Story?

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Most of us know Raft as a survival game above all else. But as the game grew, the developers added a main story to Raft with its own villain and unique locations.

Raft’s campaign takes around 20 hours, on average. You can finish it in under 15 hours if you rush things. For a full completion, you will need over 60 hours.

How Long to Complete Raft’s Main Story

Raft's Utopia Story IslandRaft’s Utopia story island

To start the main story of Raft you will need to build a receiver with antennas. You unlock it relatively early in the game and 2-3 hours of surviving and scavenging will get you the resources you need.

It will then start leading you to story-related places. We won’t spoil too much but there are more than 7 islands, including Temperance and Utopia, with puzzles and even boss fights.

The receiver will also be useful in finding larger islands whenever you feel like it. So it’s a worthy investment either way.

Completing those, along with necessary breaks for gathering resources and just exploring, will take around 20 to 25 hours.

How Long to 100% Complete Raft

List of achievements for Raft main story on steamRaft’s achievements on Steam

For a relatively short game, Raft has a ton of achievements. On Steam, there are 104 achievements for the game. And that’s a lot. 

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the rarest achievements are just a grind. From hooking 5000 items to killing 50 Anglerfish.

There are a few hidden achievements. Including, the “Artistic Collection” and “Former Glory”. We won’t spoil them for you (you can check what they require here) but some do seem fun to complete.

For those of you who will be aiming to 100% complete the game, you are looking at around 65 hours of gameplay on average.

What to do After/Instead of the Main Story

Decoration menu in RaftRaft’s decorations menu

After you have completed the main story in Raft you can fully commit to building. Because let’s be honest, you probably will have most of the resources at that point.

You will also likely have a bunch of decoration packages. Those contain a ton of decorations for your raft. From chairs and tables to paintings and flowers.  Combine them with a variety of builds and make your perfect raft!

If you are not a fan of building, there are still a bunch of secrets and hidden achievements to hunt for. Even if you don’t plan to 100% the game.

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