How to Remove Foundations in Raft

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Foundations in Raft are the basis of the raft. You build more foundations to expand your raft and remove them to make it smaller. Without foundations, well there won’t be a raft.

If you misplaced a foundation you will have to remove it, and the easiest way to do that is using any axe. You can also leave it to the shark to destroy it, but that can take some time.

How to Destroy Foundation in Raft With an Axe

Destroying the raft’s foundation with an axe

To destroy a foundation or any structure you built on your raft with a building hammer, you will need an axe. Doesn’t matter which one, even the most basic Stone Axe will do.

If you don’t have the axe, press “Tab” to open the inventory and find the Stone Axe (or better) in the instrument tab.

For the Stone Axe you will need:

  • 6 Planks
  • 3 Stones
  • 2 Ropes (crafted from x2 leaves each)

Equip your axe and start destroying a foundation of your raft you want to get rid of. For the most basic wood foundations, it takes around 4-5 seconds. The armored ones will take a bit longer.

Sharks Destroying Your Foundation

An honorable mention is our not-so-friendly neighborhood shark. As you probably know, the shark will attack your raft from time to time. If you don’t stop the shark it will destroy the attacked foundation of the raft.

A shark attacking the raft

While you can’t predict which part of the boat the shark will attack, it can only attack the outer layer. So if you have a few pieces you don’t need and no axe, leave them be, and eventually, the shark will take them away.

At the same time, if you want to stop shark attacks and protect your raft, you will have to beat it off with a spear. You could reinforce the foundation with armor. But that will only delay the inevitable.

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