The 6.07 Bind Changes Could Fix One of Valorant’s Most Problematic Maps

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Bind is finally returning to Valorant, but it doesn’t look the same as it did before it was taken out. Several changes were made to the map that were highlighted in the Patch Notes for 6.07. Here’s how these changes open up several areas around the map that will make for better, more competitive gameplay.

B Site to A Site Teleporter

New Teleporter Exit A Site Valorant Bind

Image via Riot Games

One of the biggest changes made was to the teleporter by A Site. Instead of having an exit at the top of the stairs in A Lobby, it was moved towards A Bath. This puts the teleporter exit up against the A Bath and A Lobby wall.

This will make exiting the teleporter much safer. Before, taking the teleporter from B Long to A Lobby was generally never a good choice unless you knew the enemies were all on B. There were too many angles that enemies could take you down from, making it a gamble except for very specific situations.

By putting the exit right against the wall of A Bath, this cuts out one entire side that you need to watch while leaving the teleporter. Of course, any enemies by the exit can still use blinds or other things to stop you. However, with good timing and utility from you, this specific teleporter is now a more viable option.

Wider Doorways

Doorways on Bind Valorant

Image via Riot Games

Part of the struggle from Bind’s previous days was getting through the narrow doorways. This made taking a site, either as an Attacker or a Defender looking to retake a site, difficult to do without massive amounts of utility and quick, precise aiming.

However, nearly every doorway has been widened. Every doorway on A Site, with the exception of those around Truck, and the entry doorway to B Site from the Defenders side has been widened. This will ultimately make getting onto sites easier across the board, in turn encouraging gunfights and competition. 

A Site Crates

Bind Valorant A Site Crates

Image via Riot Games

The layout of the Radianite crates on A Site has been adjusted. Instead of three columns of two, there will be two columns of two and a row of two beside it. This serves multiple purposes.

First, it gives the Attackers a bit more protection when planting the Spike. While the Radianite crates are still able to be shot through, there’s a bit more flexibility in where you can plant behind them. Enemies will need to spray a bit more compared to holding the only spot that was available to plant in. The same concept applies to those defusing the Spike.

Secondly, it creates an easier way to enter and exit the site with a bit more protection. This helps both teams out, which encourages fairer competition.

Minor Changes

B Site Valorant Bind Changes Windows

Image via Riot Games

A Site will also be getting a barrel in the back of the site. While this isn’t going to provide anyone coverage, it could help with catching enemies off guard. It also makes it a bit harder for those hiding on that wall to quickly run to safety or strafe too much.

B Site is also getting a few windows along B Hall, which will open up for the possibility of flashes or other utility coming through that wall. This will require teamwork, but it’s a new, rewarding way to make sure that area doesn’t feel too secluded.

Overall, these changes don’t really benefit a specific side of the map. It will make things a bit more open and encourage fights compared to holding an angle. Considering how Valorant’s meta has changed since it was released, it makes since that some of the older maps needed a refresh to better align with the state of the game today. 

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