Ubisoft Bringing Reboot Of Classic RTS 'The Settlers' To Switch Next Month

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Reimagined for a new generation

The SettlersImage: Ubisoft

Late last year, Ubisoft surprised RTS city-building fanatics when it announced The Settlers would be returning in 2023.

The new title The Settlers: New Allies is out today on other platforms, and as part of this, Ubisoft has now confirmed the Switch release date - with the game now locked in for 23rd March 2023. Pre-orders will go live on 15th March 2023. Here's a bit about it, direct from the PR:

"Developed by Ubisoft Düsseldorf, The Settlers®: New Allies is a modern take on the long-established The Settlers’ franchise, combining elaborate infrastructure and economic gameplay with tactical real-time battles. Starting with a small group of Settlers, players must explore their surroundings, build up their settlements and optimize resource production to recruit new settlers and an army able to protect their land. Researching economic and military upgrades is critical to create a strong army and overcome rivals."

Players can also expect a story-driven campaign, a multiplayer player mode (PvE, PvP), and a "hardcore mode" to seriously test their skill.

Would you be interested in revisiting The Settlers, or just playing a new RTS on Switch? Comment below.

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