Best In-Game Names for Valorant Couples

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Ever since Valorant launched, players have been taking their in-game names to the next level by showcasing their creativity. In the last couple of years, the joke “these Valorant e-daters are getting out of hand” has become a trend on social media, with players calling out Valorant couples with matching names in-game. While some of them are not wrong in calling out cringey ones, one has to commend some of the matching, in-theme names that are cute and funny. When you genuinely enjoy and love playing Valorant with your significant other, why not have matching names in-game? If you and your partner want some inspiration, this article is the right place for you.

With Riot Games offering free name changes, you can use some of these cute couple names to show off your love or just rile up your friends or teammates. Here are some adorable names for Valorant couples to use.

Best names for Valorant couples to use

Here are some of the Valorant couple names you could use:

  • Her Jett - His Sage

  • His Jett - Her Sage

  • Her Reyna - His Sage

  • His Reyna - Her Sage

  • Boombot - Alarmbot

  • Lady - The Tramp

  • ICarryHer - ICarryHim

  • Yin - Yang

  • Peanut Butter - Jam

  • Marshmallow - Hot Chocolate

  • PlzPlant - PlzDefuse

  • IloveSplit - Split

  • Nano - Bomb 

  • Jon Snow - Khaleesi

  • SheCarriesMe - HeCarriesMe

  • Angel - Devil

  • ShesTheOne - HesTheOne

  • Heartthrob - Heartbreaker

  • Sugar - Spice

  • Trash - TrashCan

  • Topfragger - Bottomfragger

  • HerFragger - HisSentinel

  • MrWrong - MissRight

  • IPreferVandal - IPreferPhantom

  • Dumb - Dumber

  • My Kitten - My Owner

How to change in-game name in Valorant

Players can change their in-game name in Valorant by creating a Riot ID by entering a username and hashtag on the official Riot Games website. You can change display names once every 30 days for free. Note that multiple players can have the same in-game name or display name in Valorant. However, for this, players will have to have a different hashtag.  

A player’s Riot ID is their in-game name and it comes with a Gamertag which is a hashtag created using a combination of letters and numbers. Players have the liberty to change both elements of their in-game names so that it is easier to add friends in Valorant and also to have similar names. So don’t worry if you run into HerCarry #5460 in Valorant. You can also change your name to HerCarry provided that your Gamertag is different from #5460. This system also works with tags. 

Here’s how you change your in-game name:

  • Ensure Valorant is closed.

  • Head to Riot's website and log in.

  • Head to the Riot ID Tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

  • Type in the desired name.

  • Hit Save Changes

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