Dead By Daylight Players Predicted Chaos Shuffle Modifier

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Dead By Daylight players will be treated to another game modifier soon after the success of previous instalments. The Chaos Shuffle game mode is one players have actually predicted after the feature appeared as recent Dead By Daylight Tome challenges.

What to Expect from Dead By Daylight Chaos Shuffle Mode

Chaos Shuffle will be the next Dead By Daylight game modifier, as predicted by the players last year. When a new Tome 17 challenge appeared that no player had seen before, rumors started to fly about what it could imply. The challenge offered a feature where the player’s perks were randomized and they wouldn’t know what they had until the game started.

tome 17 game mode modifier challengeImage Source: Behaviour via Twinfinite

The more suspicious Dead By Daylight players knew this could be no coincidence. The appearence of this new temporary feature could only mean one thing: the devs were trying out a perk shuffle mode before introducing it as a separate game mode.

This mode adds a whole new dimension to the game. A perk shuffler can freshen up stale and repetitive gameplay, and force the player to use new strategies. It would be particularly popular with players who have been mainlining Dead By Daylight since its release. Because, as any long-term DBD player knows: the burnout is real.

Chaos Shuffle will probably be introduced as a temporary game mode like Lights Out and My Little Oni. There is no doubt, however, that it will be infinitely more popular. Lights Out was fun for a while but it soon became tiresome, whereas Chaos Shuffle is fresh and exciting. It is also something Dead By Daylight players have been asking about for a while.

Hopefully, this new mode will be added as a permanent feature if the reception is good! Check out our list to see what other Dead By Daylight game modes we would like to see.

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