Apex Legends Hitbox Sizes (Which Legend has the smallest?)

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Apex Legends is a hero-based shooter. You play as different characters, legends, with different looks and abilities. Naturally, they are different in size too which is an important thing to pay attention to if playing competitively as it affects the hitbox size.

At the moment, there are three legends in Apex with the smallest hitbox in the game: Lifeline, Wraith, and Wattson.

All Legend’s Hitbox Sizes

Most of the legends’ hitboxes are more or less the same and can fall into a Medium category. To give you a better understanding of different hitbox types here’s a list of all legends in Apex and their hitbox type.

There are 5 total categories: small, skinny but tall (which is closer to small but taller), medium, wider medium (only Vantage there), and large.

Lifeline Small
PathfinderSkinny but tall
RevenantSkinny but tall
Octane Medium
Fuse Medium
Mad MaggieMedium
VantageMedium but wider than average

Keep in mind that because legends are in the same category does not mean their hitbox is the same pixel-wise.

Respawn Entertainment also change the hitbox of legends from time to time to account for balancing issues in Apex. So take these categories with a grain of salt.

Why are Hitboxes Important in Apex Legends

Knowing the hitbox difference is not crucial but will definitely help you in picking your fights. From initiating the fight to positioning, when doing it with your legend’s hitbox in mind, your gameplay will be more refined.

For example, it is always better to initiate the fight with a smaller character like Wraith. While the legend’s moving speed is the same, you will benefit from having a smaller hitbox when drawing attention to yourself.

Taking cover throughout the fight is obvious. You don’t want to get shot. But what you probably haven’t considered is that not every cover works for everyone.

Taking cover behind a box in Apex LegendsTaking cover behind a box in Apex Legends

The best way to test your limits is in the firing range with a friend who will be able to tell you if they can hit you or not. Still, choose your cover wisely when playing a certain legend, and always think about how much of your legend’s hitbox is revealed to the enemy.

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