How to Get Glass in Raft

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As you progress through Raft you will need better materials to make more efficient tools. One of such material is glass and getting it in Raft is very similar to Minecraft.

Glass is made in the Smelter. Which can be a bit of a pain since you need clay and sand to build the Smelter. The good news is that you can get all the resources in 2-3 diving trips.

You can also find glass in crates and boxes on islands and vacated rafts. But that method is too inconsistent to get a good amount of glass.

How to Make Glass in Raft

To make glass you will first need a Smelter. A smelter is a must-have tool to have not only for glass but also for metal ores.

You have to get dry bricks and then research them on the Research Table to unlock the crafting recipe for the Smelter.

Smelter in RaftRaft smelter

To build the smelter itself you will need:

  • 6 Dry Bricks
  • 6 Nails
  • 4 Scraps
  • 4 Planks

Place the Smelter anywhere on the raft (preferably closer to the middle to avoid shark attacks) and fill it up with planks at the bottom.

Take sand and put it inside the Smelter at the top. In around 60 seconds the sand will transform into one piece of glass. Collect it and keep adding more sand to make more glass.

Smelter with finished glass in RaftSmelter with finished glass

What is Glass Used For

There aren’t that many uses for glass in Raft. You can create small things like glass or a lantern to make life on the raft a bit easier. You can also craft binoculars, although they aren’t that useful.

The most important items that require glass, however, are Advanced Purifier and Honey:

  • The advanced purifier is a major upgrade to the Simple Purifier available at the start of the game. It can hold up to 5 cups of water (which is equal to 1 bottle) and doesn’t require any fuel. It’s one of the things we highly recommend you build once you got a Smelter and glass
  • Honey requires a bit more hustle with beehives but still needs glass for the jar. You can eat honey, but its main purpose is making Biofuel. In the Biofuel Refiner, you will need raw food mixed with honey to get it to work. You can then use the fuel to power the raft’s engines. They not only make you faster but also look quite cool.

Overall, the glass is not necessarily a must, especially in Raft’s early game. Instead, it’s more of a quality-of-life resource that you can start using whenever you get your hands on it.

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