Sons of the Forest: 3D Printer Location

1 year ago 1697

Sons of the Forest has quite a few new things to make your life on the island at least slightly easier. A 3D printer is a station in a very accessible location for the early game of Sons of the Forest and will help you a ton.

Grab some printer resin and head to the western cave on the island where you will find the first 3D printer in the game.

How to Find a 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest

There are multiple 3D printers in Sons of the Forest, but some of them will need items like the shovel to access. A 3D printer that is the easiest one to find and that does not require anything at all is in the western cave.

3D printer location on the map of Sons of the Forest Point of interest with the 3D printer inside

We say it is a cave, but don’t worry, there are no mutants or enemies in that cave. So you can safely travel there as soon as you start the game.

Reach the point highlighted on the map, find the cave entrance, and go inside. Remember to use your GPS (“M” key by default) to pinpoint the exact location of the entrance. It will be highlighted as a green marker.

Entrance to the cave with the 3D printer in Sons of the Forest Cave entrance

In the cave, you will be greeted by a dark passage. Light your lighter using “L” or use a torch if you have one to continue forward. Keep going until you see a built corridor with lights.

Underground complex corridor Underground complex corridor

Follow the corridor until the very end and you will see a room with loot, a sleeping bag, and a 3D printer. There is a passage to the left as well, but it requires a Blue Keycard to go through. This is something to come back to later.

3D printer and a laptop to use it 3D printer and a laptop to use it

How to Use 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest

To operate a 3D printer there is a laptop on the desk. Come up to the laptop and choose what you want to create there using “R”.

The items that you can craft on this 3D printer are:

  • Tech Mesh
  • Arrows
  • Sled
  • Flask
  • Mask

We recommend getting some arrows and a flask from the 3D printer. Those are extremely useful in the early game of Sons of the Forest when you are exploring and looking for a location to settle.

When you chose what you need, the laptop will show you the time it takes to print the item and the cost. Press “E” to start printing and kick back on the chair until the process is finished.

3D printer that finished printing items 3D printer with printed items

The 3D printer uses printer resin to craft items. It will have some in it at the start, but to actively use the printer it’s best that you find extra.

Printer resin can be found in almost any crate in different points of interest and camps across the island. It is a very common item and soon you will have enough to craft everything you need.

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