How to Change Enemy Highlight Color in Valorant (& Best Color!)

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To succeed in Valorant you need to make use of all the tools provided by the game. Including things like highlight colors. Selecting the right enemy highlight color will help you act quicker during the game of Valorant.

How to Change Enemy Highlight Color

The default enemy highlight in Valorant is red but you can change that in the game’s settings. To change the enemy highlight color in Valorant:

  1. Open Valorant settings
  2. In the first tab “General” look for “Accessibility” at the top
  3. Select the color in the dropdown menu of “Enemy Highlight Color”.
Valorant enemy highlight color settingsValorant enemy highlight color settings

There are a total of 3 colors available at the moment that should satisfy your needs: Red, Purple, and Yellow. Note that changing this setting will only affect the enemy highlight color, there is no way to change the color of the elements of Valorant’s UI.

Best Enemy Highlight Colors in Valorant

If you are not suffering from any kind of colorblindness we would recommend you stick with the default red color. Mainly because you have likely already developed a habit to associate red with the enemy and changing the color may affect it. Some players also pointed out that it can get tricky recognizing whether the agent is on your team or not if they have a matching outfit (Killjoy = Yellow, Reyna = Purple).

But if you still want to change it, we’d recommend yellow as it stands out much more than other colors. Play around with it for some time and see if this helps your performance and reaction times. Don’t jump to conclusions straight away because you may be biased, similar to how it works with crosshairs.

Valroant bots with yellow highlight colorValorant bots with yellow highlight color

However, if you are suffering from colorblindness, make sure to select the color made specifically for your type of blindness:

  • Purple (Tritanopia): Blue – Yellow colorblindness 
  • Yellow (Deuteranopia): Red – Green colorblindness
  • Yellow (Protanopia): Red – Green colorblindness

Always make sure to consult with your doctor before playing. Clarify what kind of colorblindness you have and how to go around it in video games.

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