Counter-Strike Players Amazed With CS 1.6 Rocket League Mod

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It’s fair to say Counter-Strike has dominated the market as one of the world’s most popular first-person shooters since its release in 2000.

Notably, CS 1.6 was then released in 2003, before its predecessor CS Source was released just over a year later in 2004. But, arguably the most popular of the franchise, CSGO, was released in 2012.

Regardless, many die-hard Counter-Strike fans still revisit the older titles, where in the case of CS 1.6, a much-overlooked part of the game is its modded server community, which has completely transformed with the addition of modded game modes.

Often inspired by other first-person shooters, among them include Capture the Flag, as we’ve seen in Halo and Call of Duty, as well as a zombies mode, jailbreak, and your typical surfing servers. However, one Twitch streamer uncovered a completely different mode, and the Counter-Strike community is stunned.

Twitch Streamer Finds Rocket League in CS 1.6

Twitch streamer Johanzilla brought light to the server, where during an August 3 broadcast he discovered a server that lets you play Rocket League in CS 1.6.

Being mostly a Rocket League streamer himself, it’s fair to say Johanzilla was thrilled to find his main game in the server list. “Oh Rocket League, hold on, what’s this? RL arena? In Counter-Strike 1.6,” he said with a confused look. “Ain’t no way dude, ain’t no way.”

Sharing the server with the Counter-Strike community, the streamer’s tweet has since amassed over 46k likes at the time of writing.

“1.6 still delivering bangers in 2023 love to see it,” one commented. “What the actual f**k this is awesome,” said another.

Surprisingly, the modded mode has most of Rocket League’s core elements but is missing a few key features, such as the ability to boost or aerial dribble being none existent.

Regardless, it still seems like good fun for anyone looking for a new way to play their favorite car football game.

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