Wizard With A Gun Studio Shuts Down

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Galvanic Games, the studio behind last year’s Wizard With A Gun which got published by Devolver Digital has announced it will be shutting down.

In a statement published to social media, the studio president and founder Patrick Morgan delivered the news that due to Wizard With A Gun’s sales not being strong enough to sustain the studio, it will be shutting down.

It’s not just that the sales weren’t strong enough to last them through their next project – they weren’t strong enough to keep the lights on before they could sign another project and get the funding needed to keep going.

“It is with a heavy heart that I announce the closure of Galvanic Games. Despite the promising start of Wizard with a Gun, sales are not strong enough to sustain our studio. The last year has been particularly tough for games. While we had numerous encouraging conversations at DICE and GDC, the process of signing new projects, even in a good year, takes longer than the runway we had left.”

It’s once again difficult to see another studio go, especially one that had only just shown its talent with Wizard with a Gun.

Source – [Galvanic Games]

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