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MoreFun Studios, a subsidiary of Tencent Games, has announced its plans to bring Arena Breakout, an “ultra-real immersive military simulation franchise”, to PC in a brand-new first-person shooter called Arena Breakout: Infinite. The upcoming game, which will reportedly deliver “the most visually stunning and immersive first-person shooter experience that isn’t in a perpetual alpha state”, is due to launch in its closed beta phase in early May.

So, what more do you need to know about it, besides the fact that it’s currently targeting a mid-Q2 2024 launch date? Well, if you are planning on sticking around ahead of its upcoming release on Steam, then be sure to brush up on these following details before adding it to your wish list. Here’s everything you need to know about Arena Breakout: Infinite.

What Is Arena Breakout: Infinite?


Arena Breakout: Infinite is an upcoming first-person shooter game in which players will be invited to “breach the Dark Zone and explore combat arenas brought to life with exceptional detail, from real-time lighting to 360 spatial sound effects.” If that doesn’t ring a bell for you, then just know this: Arena Breakout is an award-winning “first-of-its-kind extraction looter shooter” franchise that has been making its rounds on mobile for the best part of a year. Infinite, for the record, is an all-new reincarnation that will look to find ground on PC.

“Arena Breakout: Infinite is based on the award-winning ultra-real immersive military simulation franchise,” MoreFun Studios explains in a press release. “With unparalleled firearm customization and warfare realism, Arena Breakout: Infinite will deliver the most visually stunning and immersive first-person shooter experience that isn’t in a perpetual alpha state. Put boots down in a new high stakes arena for free—no strings attached.”



As far as potential storylines travel, it appears that the game will revolve around one location: the Dark Zone—a world in which high-value items will hold the key to soldiers’ survival. In a typical rags-to-riches-type scenario, players will need to embark on daring missions into the war-smitten quarters of Kamona, where they can expect to find themselves trapped in orbital turmoil and copious amounts of bullets and haze.

“In Arena Breakout: Infinite, enter the Dark Zone and become the deadliest soldier of fortune known to man,” the game’s description reads in part. “As a highly skilled military operative, journey into the war-torn Kamona region where high stakes equal high rewards. Pull the trigger, take cover, and move ahead. Break into combat arenas to extract high-value items and strike it rich… but be prepared to fight for survival.”



Arena Breakout: Infinite touts a highly immersive first-person shooter experience that goes hand in hand with a traditional extraction looter shooter. In addition to it featuring “real-time lighting” and “360 spatial” sound effects, it also comes gut-loaded with “intricate, detailed and highly tactical firefights.”

According to the devs, “there’s no such thing as an easy payday in Arena Breakout: Infinite.” In their words, players will need to “survive intricate, detailed and highly tactical firefights by customizing every weapon detail with over 500 accessories. Change rifle stocks, sight placement, custom barrels, muzzle brakes and more to fine tune firing stability, accuracy, and effective range. Utilize stim packs and battlefield med kits to patch-up wounds from firefights and keep moving. Even the smallest advantage can mean the difference between being rich or being dead.” That’s quite the mouthful, but, first-person shooter fans are likely to get a kick out of it.



Developer MoreFun Studios initially teased the outlines for the latest version of Arena Breakout back in the beginning of April, at which point the studio announced that it would be launching a closed beta test for the game in “early May.” It was also said at the time of its announcement that the game would support “fair competitive play” and ultimately be “free of issues like cheating, bugs, [and] poor servers.”

“In this high-stakes experience, fair competitive play will always be encouraged and vigilantly enforced,” the developer adds. “Anti-cheat measures, data tracking, game reports and more were made with the player in mind. Arena Breakout: Infinite represents an all-in commitment to launching the first viable tactical first-person shooter on Steam that’s accessible, content-complete and free of issues like cheating, bugs, poor servers and more that longtime fans of the tactical-shooting genre have sadly grown accustomed to.”


Arena Breakout: Infinite – Official Announcement Trailer

MoreFun Studios teased a short trailer for its upcoming game earlier this week. But don’t let us spoil it for you; you can check it out for yourself in the announcement trailer embedded above.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions


Going by the elevator pitch that the developers teased earlier this week, Arena Breakout: Infinite is due to enter its closed beta phase as early as May of this year. As for when it will arrive on PC in its finalized form, however, is still something of a mystery. If we had to hazard a guess, though, then we’d probably have to favor a Q4 2024 launch at the earliest. Don’t quote us on that, though.

As we’re still a fair ways off from seeing the game hit the shelves, we can’t quite say for certain whether or not there’ll be any special editions. It seems, though, that there’ll just be the one standard version on PC.

Interested in staying up to date with Arena Breakout: Infinite ahead of its global debut? If so, then be sure to check in with the folks over at MoreFun Studios for all the latest developments via their official social handle here. If anything changes ahead of its release, then we’ll be sure to fill you in on all the key details right here on

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