Action strategy game BURGGEIST for PC launches this fall

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With the walking fortress Burggeist at your command, fight back the enemies and build "the Tower."

Action strategy game BURGGEIST will launch for PC via Steam this fall, publisher Kodansha and developer GHRIAN STUDIO announced.

Here is an overview of the game, via its official website:


With the walking fortress Burggeist at your command, fight back the enemies and build “the Tower.”

Tower to Morrow

Years have passed since Lucile had become motionless. Her husband Ignace, a mathematician from Galacia, was in search of the cure but still completely in the dark.

One day he caught his stepdaughter Etoile writing to someone and receiving the messages out of nowhere in her notebook.

After some back and forth, the “someone” wrote to her, “To free Lucile, you shall build a tower that reaches the heavens.”

Build and Fight

With the walking fortress Burggeist at your command, fight back the enemies and build “the Tower.”

Burggeist is a real-time action strategy that features the use of height differences and the terrains as part of your tactics.

Move around the field, quickly analyze the situation, choose the effective move to create and defend your Tower.


A vast no man’s land, Aliscans.

Players can roam freely around diverse landscapes of Aliscans. Through various encounters and discoveries, you’ll get access to a variety of abilities that will further expand your combat strategy.


  • Build a Tower – Find a suitable construction site scattered around Aliscams and start building your tower. Fight off enemy attacks that appear in response to your tower construction.
  • Fight on High Ground – Get ready for an attack by observing the direction and number of enemies approaching. The attack becomes more powerful when launched from a high position.
  • Command Burggeist – You’re able to give orders to Burggeist to move itself and initiate the attack. Finding a high vantage point is key to provide spot on instructions to Burggeist. Equip Burggeist with various weapons and increase power to dominate the battle field.


  • Meet Visitors – People will come to visit the tower you have built. Most of them have some kind of problem, and each of them has their own story. They are rather eccentric, but there is a lot to be gained from interacting with them. Try building towers in various locations.
  • Collect Artefacts – As you wander the fields, you will come across strange objects and structures. Some of these are collectible and useful in battle. If you somehow recover them, they might be of your great help on your journey through Aliscans.


  • Ignace (voiced by Minami)
  • Eto / Etoile (voiced by Kanon Fujimura)
  • Lucile (voiced by MIKIHO)
  • Gwenael (voiced by Katsuki Monma)
  • Margrave (voiced by Ouka Kamimura)
  • Herzeleide (voiced by Popono Kumai)
  • Asav (voiced by Yuto Mimura)
  • Iron Egan (voiced by Yuki Aizawa)
  • Usqiss (voiced by Tsukasa)
  • Aunty Halja (voiced by Tsumugi Shimizu)
  • Investigator (voiced by Tamaki Fujii)
  • Marius (voiced by Takahiro Okamoto)
  • Geluud (voiced by Akihiro Kawamoto)
  • Baronne Elanier (voiced by Marika Oishi)

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