Zenless Zone Zero finally gets a release date, as it soars past 30 million pre-registered players

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That figure was reached before 24 hours passed, by the way.

Zenless Zone Zero has opened up pre-registeration, and has already soared past 30 million sign ups as of writing. In fact, it has passed 32 million and is steadily rolling its way higher with no sign of stopping. As the next big game from the creators of Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, it looks like there's a huge swell of interest in getting interested on day one.

Already, players have been accessing Zenless Zone Zero through a variety of alphas and testing periods. There's also been sign-ups for PS5 testing, which has only recently seen invites go out to keen console gamers. However, whereas those players have had to deal with hard content caps and the slow implementation of new mechanics and quality of life features, the full release will be the expected polished package.

Speaking of, alongside this announcement, Zenless Zone Zero was listed on the Apple store and other digital storefronts with a July 3rd release date. So those who sign up today won't have to wait too long at all to actually jump in and play. It's a great date to release too, as the rest of the year is looking somewhat dry and a honkin' new gacha game could probably do well in that period.

As for what players have actually earned through their pre-registeration? So far, it's a collection of upgrade materials and other handy goodies, but it looks as though a free character would be unlocked once the pre-registration number passes 35 million. Historically, these pre-registration goals are totally smashed in the months before release due to a mix of nature interest and community campaigns. The same happened with Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin, and there's little doubt we'll see the full suite of prizes unlock for Zenless too.

Are you keen to play Zenless Zone Zero? Let us know below, as well as whether you've pre-registered or not.

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