Ys X Nordics Gets Release Date and New Naval Combat Details

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Nihon Falcom revealed more information about the upcoming Ys X: Nordics alongside its Japanese release date. The game will appear for the PS4, PS5, and Switch on September 28, 2023. There will be a special Adol Christin Edition, which includes a mini soundtrack for the game, an armor set, a pin badge, a set of illustration cards, and a body bag with the logo of the game. New characters and details about naval combat appeared as well. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

Nihon Falcom introduced some new characters that will appear in Adol Christin’s new adventure. Leif Yvelise is a childhood friend of Glenn and Cruz, two other characters that will appear in the game. He is not a native of Karnack, but a migrant worker from outside the city. Mirabel Asrad is a nurse working at the clinic in Karnack that her father opened. She is cheerful and has a good-willed, but has a strong and brave personality as well.

Lila is a mysterious woman that can communicate with Adol through a seashell he picked up at the beach in Karnack, and asks him for help. She is located somewhere in the Gulf of Obelia. The nameless old man is an amnesiac who lives alone in a small hut on an island, and teaches people how to use mana.

A new gameplay feature detailed by Nihon Falcom is the naval battle system. Players can explore the Gulf of Obelia and engage in naval battle while on the ship Sandras, which can be upgraded. Naval battles involve smart positioning, using different type of cannonball​s with different properties, and aiming with the ships many cannons. Some powerful enemy ships will need to be directly boarded after dealing enough damage. Merchant vessels that act as wandering shops exist as well.

You can take a better look at the new characters and naval battles that will appear in Ys X: Nordics here:

Ys X: Nordics is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch, PS5, and PS4, and its Japanese release date is September 28, 2023.

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