You Can Sign Up For Mortal Kombat 1’s First Online Stress Test Now

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Mortal Kombat 1 has been revealed as the next mainline Mortal Kombat title from NetherRealm, a reboot for the series twelfth mainline entry, where Fire God Liu Kang has created a new universe for the fighters we know to live peacefully.

That unfortunately doesn’t seem to last, and how it all shakes down is what we’ll learn in September when the game releases.

Before that however, NetherRealm is looking to make sure players challenging others online will have as smooth an experience as possible, with the game’s first online stress test coming soon, and you can sign up for it now to possibly be one of the first outside NetherRealm to try the game out.

“Time to test the might of our servers!” NetherRealm said in its tweet announcing the upcoming test.

“Help us find issues now for a flawless release in September. Sign up below to be considered. Dates to be confirmed at a later time.”

With Mortal Kombat 1 releasing in September, and gameplay already set to be revealed during Summer Games Fest, it seems likely that the first stress test will happen sometime in June.

Which hopefully means an entirely public beta test isn’t too far around the corner.

Source – [NetherRealm]

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