Wuthering Waves plans to let you skip more scenes and improve combat as gacha RPG apologises for rocky launch

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Developers Kuro Games have already begun to address issues with logins and performance

A selection of Resonators in Wuthering Waves, facing the camera and getting ready to fight. Image credit: Kuro Games

Wuthering Waves is the latest open-world RPG gacha game to follow in the wake of the likes of Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, but Kuro Games’ free-to-play offering has had to deal with a bit of a wobbly launch over the last couple of days, leading the studio to scramble to address login problems, detail additional upcoming improvements and offer players some in-game games as means of apology.

After arriving on Wednesday, Wuthering Waves was beset by issues around player logins - with some players unable to log in at all, while others were forced to log back in whenever they relaunched the game on PC - and performance issues ranging from from lags and freezes to low frame rates and straight-up crashes. (Whether related to these specific complaints or not, our own James detailed his extensive efforts to get the game to even boot on a Steam Deck, to no avail.)

Kuro have raced to fix the problems by issuing a series of hotfixes that have so far sorted the login issues, along with promising that patches to address the performance troubles and complaints about the game’s localised text are also in the works.

Slightly longer-term, the studio have now offered a look at some other improvements on the way, which are more aimed at overall game experience than technical woes.

The list of future plans includes improvements to the game’s current system for skipping scenes, both increasing the number of in-game scenes that can be skipped during the game’s story and resigning the button in the UI to make it easier to find. While Kuro cites “technical constraints” as making full cutscenes unable to be skipped, the optimised system should still make it easier to whizz through the main quest outside of cinematics.

Dear Rovers,
After yesterday's post, we have some new updates to share with you regarding our future plans for game improvements.
- We plan to make every type of story content skippable in future updates, giving you more control over your gameplay. Most of the story content will…

— Wuthering Waves (@Wuthering_Waves) May 24, 2024

The other incoming change is to combat, with Kuro planning to “optimise the combat experience” by adding more visual responses for attacks, stopping objects in the environment blocking the view of battles and doing a better job of providing feedback on combat actions.

Those headline changes will join with other assorted optimisations, fixes and “new functions and gameplay elements” in the works, with better maps, NPC artwork and Echo transformations all mentioned as being somewhere down the road.

To apologise for the issues so far, Kuro will give players who are Union Level 2 or higher by July 3rd ten Radiant Tide items. That joins a second item, a Voucher of Reciprocal Tides, which will be available for the next year as sorry for “the unsatisfactory experience” of the Beginner's Choice Convene; the item gives you the chance to grab one 5-star Standard Resonator of your choice for free.

I can’t honestly pretend to know exactly what all that means, having not delved into Wuthering Waves properly myself yet, but free stuff is always nice, right?

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