Who Is Snax?

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Snax is an Indian male YouTuber who rose to fame with his videos in and around PUBG Mobile.

Snax regularly collaborates with other YouTubers to create funny content, which includes reactions, challenges, vlogs, and more.

In this article, we will take a look at who Snax is, where he comes from, and his rise to internet stardom over the years.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. Ever since its release, players have been enjoying it. With this, there has also been a rise in online YouTube streamers across India, bringing the game much traction. One such gamer who rose to fame with the title is Raj "Snax" Varma.

Snax is a popular Indian gaming YouTuber who rose to fame with his informative videos and smooth PUBG Mobile gameplay. He started out on YouTube in 2019, sharing PUBG videos, tips, and tricks.

After the game was banned in India, he immediately switched to another game called Battleground Mobile India (BGMI). Here is a detailed look at who Snax is, where he comes from, how he started, and his rise to internet stardom over the years.

Snax, originally known as Raj Varma is an Indian mobile gamer. He rose to fame with his insightful videos on PUBG Mobile. He shared a lot of intel with his audience on how to improvise their gameplay. He has previously been part of Team XO and has played several tournaments for them.

After the ban on PUBG Mobile, Snax immediately switched to BGMI, bringing in similar insights, tips, and tricks for his followers.

  • Real Name: Raj Varma

  • Gamer Tag: Snax

  • Date of Birth: 6th December 1999

  • Age: 25 Years

  • Location: Hyderabad

  • Channel Start Date: 1st October 2019

  • Career Age: 2019 - Present (6 years)

Snax currently has 1.75 Million subscribers on his gaming channel. He regularly collaborates with several other YouTubers. Apart from gaming, he also posts a lot of other content on his channel. This includes trying out different street foods, reaction videos, and collaborations with other YouTubers like Kaash Plays, Goldy, Paayal Gaming, and many others.

Snax and YouTube

Snax began his journey on YouTube with PUBG Mobile tutorials, sharing tips and tricks to become a better player. He slowly moved to sharing his gameplay clips and tournament livestreams. Previously, he was part of Team XO and has played several tournaments with them.

Nowadays, Snax uploads vlogs, giving his audience a sneak peek of his daily life. He hosts regular livestreams to play games or to react to memes and other social media content.

Snax is continuously growing his YouTube channel by trying out new things. Along with gaming, his audience also enjoys seeing other videos as well. These include crate openings, moto vlogs, public reactions, and more.

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