Who Is Ankkita C?

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Ankkita C is a popular Indian female gaming streamer and content creator on YouTube with 406,000 subscribers on her main channel.

Ankkita C has openly shared her struggles online with being a gamer girl and facing harassment by men during her livestreams.

Let us dive deeper into knowing who Ankkita C is, where she comes from, and her rise to internet stardom over the years.

Ankkita "Ankkita C" Chauhan is one of the few gamer girls in India. She is a professional gaming streamer and content creator who started her YouTube career with PUBG and later switched to other forms of content.

She plays several games on her channel including titles like BGMI, Valorant, and others. A lot of people enjoy watching her play these games and interact with them, even on her second channel where she posts funny, roasting videos.

Here is a detailed look at who Ankkita C is, where she comes from, how she started, and her rise to where she stands today.

Ankkita Chauhan better known as Ankkita C is a popular Indian female gamer and influencer on YouTube. She creates and streams content around gaming for her diverse audience with a mix of gaming highlights, vlogs, and collaborations.

  • Real Name - Ankkita Chauhan

  • Gamer Tag - Ankkitac

  • Date of Birth - 10th October 1995

  • Age - 29 years

  • Location - Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • Channel Start Date - 23rd July 2018

  • Career Age - 2018 - Present (7 years)

Ankkita C has opened up about her struggles when she started out as a female gamer. There was a point in time when she was going to call it quits because of the online harassment and sexual objectification she was going through. However, her resilience and perseverance helped her rise through the ranks and make a name for herself.

Ankkita C and YouTube

In her videos, Ankkita C tries to share the female experience as a gamer with her audience. Oftentimes, this brings unwarranted hate and harassment from the audience. But that does not mean she does not have a supportive community.

Her fans adore her videos and look forward to a new one regularly. Her subscriber count is around 406,000. With this, she also has another channel dedicated to sharing the non-gamer side of the story. This is where she posts her funny, roasting content. The channel has around 48,600 subscribers.

Ankkita C is part of the popular gaming and esports organization named S8UL.

Ankkita C Social Media

  • Instagram - ankkitac | 178 Thousand Followers

  • X - ankkita c | 44.1 Thousand Followers

  • Second Channel - Just Ankkita | 48.6 Thousand Subscribers

Despite facing discriminatory behavior and unwarranted harassment, Ankkita C has managed to garner a decent amount of traction for herself. She continues to grow as a creative gamer who plays different titles and collaborates with interesting personalities.

Her resilience has kept her strong, along with a strong fan base that supports her no matter what.

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