Where to find the Souvenir Shop in Wuthering Waves and best items

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WuWa vendors can be overwhelming as they demand different currencies with no way to tell what’s a good deal. With this in mind, let me show you where to find the Souvenir Shop in Wuthering Waves and the best items.

Where to find the Souvenir Shop in Wuthering Waves and best itemsScreenshot: PC Invasion

You can access the Souvenir Shop in Jinzhou pretty early on in your Wuthering Waves journey. It’s south of the city, and I’ve marked it in the image above with the yellow arrow. Confusingly, the Souvenir Shop isn’t on the ground level. If you head to the marker, you should see a staircase to the upper floor nearby. Failing that, you can sprint up the wall to climb it.

What should you buy at the Souvenir Shop?

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Several sought-after items are up for grabs, but the currency is an issue. The Souvenir Shop only accepts Wood-textured shardsan uncommon drop from around the Huanglong Region.

It’s tempting to buy the Lustrous Tide, but at 50 shards a pop, you likely won’t be able to afford more than one on your first visit. I absolutely understand the need to feed your Gacha addiction, but your shards will be better spent on other items here.

I recommend buying the Recipes first. These one-off purchases will give you new ways to spend all those ingredients you’ve been carrying around. The Caltrop Soup, in particular, is pretty decent as it increases your party’s max HP by 30%. This effect only lasts 30 minutes but is plenty of time to knock out a couple of bosses.

Once you’ve purchased every Recipe, you can focus on the other consumable items. All the “Advanced” items grant a respectable amount of EXP for your Echoes, Resonators, and weapons. If you don’t need the upgrade materials and have an excess of Wood-textured shards, this is the time to splash out on Lustrous Tides.

Ultimately, there’s no “wrong” order to buy items from the Souvenir Shop, but relentlessly pursuing your next pull isn’t always the best strategy.

Don’t fret if things don’t make much sense as a new player in Wuthering Waves. Mechanics, like the Training Dummies, will become second nature before you know it.

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