Where To Find Fool's Gold In Final Fantasy 16

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Final Fantasy 16 characters stand together.

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Just like Echoes of the Fallen, Final Fantasy 16’s The Rising Tide DLC adds quite a few new pieces of gear for Clive to use. Among these is the Tonberry Knife, which uniquely deals low HP damage in exchange for inflicting high Will damage. Whether you want this blade for its stats or its glamour, there’s one required crafting material that’s incredibly easy to miss: Fool’s Gold.

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How to get Fool’s Gold in Final Fantasy 16

Despite what you might initially think, Fool’s Gold is not dropped by common enemies. The first of the two pieces you need for the Tonberry Knife actually comes from The Aire of Hours dungeon you’ll need to complete for the DLC’s main story. Fittingly, it’s a reward for defeating the first boss: Master Tonberry. If you’re reading this, you likely have this first piece sitting in your inventory already. It’s easy to gloss over this when you first see that fight’s result screen!

A screenshot of the map in FF16.

Screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku

The second piece of Fool’s Gold you need is in the Father’s Fell area of Mysidia. You’ll find this to the southeast of the Riversmeet fast travel location. Take the bottom of the two paths that lead toward Tailwind Bay, and look towards the northern side of that area. You’ll find a treasure chest here that contains the piece of Fool’s Gold you need. See the map above for the exact location.

This chest is tucked away surprisingly well, so keep your eyes peeled to find it.

If you’re short on the other materials to craft the Tonberry Knife, just keep completing side quests in Mysidia. You’ll encounter the hunt targets that drop the Notched Tang and Aqueous Membrane items, and you’ll even get extra pieces of Orichalcum too. The only way you could be short on materials after this is if you wound up using those materials to craft gear from the base game. In this extremely specific case, just return to the main game and aim for 100% completion to grab those items again.

Whether you use it or just want it for your collection, enjoy your brand new weapon!

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