Where to find all resources on Scorched Earth in Ark Survival Ascended

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The Scorched Earth map in Ark Survival Ascended has plenty of resources for you to farm, although you’ll have to find them first. Just make sure not to boil to death on the way.

Where to find Cacti in ASA Scorched Earth

In Ark Survival Ascended, Cacti are essential for your hydration. Considering where you are, you might find yourself getting thirsty rather often.

Cacti Ina Rk Survival AscendedScreenshot: PC Invasion

Despite Cacti spawning in loads of places, it can be surpassingly hard to track them down. The place I’d recommend you look is by the river along the middle of the map. They don’t grow next to them, but a little far off in a long column.

You will be able to find them in the wilderness anywhere that isn’t fully rocky ground.

Metal is the lifeblood of any playthrough. Needed to construct pretty much anything useful, you’ll need to know where you can find Metal Deposits to farm them efficiently.

Metal In Ark Survival Ascended (2)Screenshot: PC Invasion

Rather inversely to Cacti, Metal Deposits can be found almost anywhere that is rocky. Around the great spires and columns, Metal Deposits will be waiting for you.

Note that a lot of deposits will be Rich Metal deposits, which yield much more Metal and are typically smoother in appearance with a golden hue.

They’ll stick out against the general red and brown hues, so shouldn’t be too hard to spot. Where you’ll find one, there shouldn’t be another too far away.

Where to find Crystals in ASA Scorched Earth

Crystal Deposits are a much scarcer resource, and only have so many deposits scattered around the Scorched Earth map. They’re also pretty hard to spot, being so small. However, you’ll hardly find one alone.

Crystal In Ark Survival AscendedScreenshot: PC Invasion

Crystal Deposits spawn near where you’ll find Metal Deposits, although with much fewer numbers. I would suggest you search in the southern and western reaches of the map.

Down south there is a large grouping of Crystal Deposits, and they spawn frequently in a line along the western edge of the map.

Where to find Obsidian in ASA Scorched Earth

Where you’ll find Crystals, you’ll find Obsidian. There is not one spot that Obsidian appears that Crystals don’t, so you’ll be knocking two birds out with one stone here.

Obsidian In Ark Survival AscendedScreenshot: PC Invasion

So keep searching along the western fringe of the map, and down south too.

More obsidian does spawn on the north-east rocky spire in a moderately sized grouping, so head there for a more concentrated gain.

Where to find Oil Veins in ASA Scorched Earth

Oil Veins are the only way to get that sweet, sweet oil, although there are very few in the Scorched Earth map.

Oil In Ark Survival AscendedScreenshot: PC Invasion

All the Oil Veins are located on the western portion of the map, mostly on the rocky flat ridges.

They can be hard to spy from a distance as they’re rather flat on the ground, but you can’t miss them when you come across them.

Where to find Salt in ASA Scorched Earth

Salt is a useful resource that you either have too much of or too little of. They’ll grow in crystal-esque formations around the map abundantly in certain areas of the map.

Salt In Ark Survival AscendedScreenshot: PC Invasion

Salt is one of the few resources in Scorched Earth to grow in the sandy dunes outside the map propper, and quite frequently, too. Although you shouldn’t typically have to go out there and brave the Death Worms just to get them.

They can be found in an alarming abundance in the western portion of the map, on the flat ridges.

Where to find Silica in ASA Scorched Earth

Silica is needed for electronics in Ark Survival Ascended, although can be tricky to find. You’ll find them in any water source, identifiable by the clams you’ll be harvesting from.

Silica Ark Survival AscendedScreenshot: PC Invasion

I had no luck searching the main body of water that splits the Scorched Earth map in half, but hopefully you will. I did, however, find lots of Silica in the bodies of water below the three Obelisks, so I’d head there if I were you.

Make sure you’ve an empty hand when foraging, too.

Where to find Sulfur in ASA Scorched Earth

Sulfur isn’t exactly a vital resource, but is something that will be desired at some point in everyone’s journey. My advice would be to mine it whenever you get the chance, even if you don’t need it – as I had a very hard time finding it.

Sulfur shares a similar spawning pattern to Crystal Deposits, and can be identified by its bright yellow color.

It appears scarcely around the southern and western reaches of the map, so keep your eyes peeled.

Where to find Water Veins in ASA Scorched Earth

It is tricky to describe where Water Veins spawn in Ark Survival Ascended Scorched Earth as they appear all over the place, although sparingly. There are around 50 of these deposits, though, so you will come across one eventually.

Water In Ark Survival AscendedScreenshot: PC Invasion

They look like tiny craters, and will typically be paired with vegetation. There is a concentration of Water Veins in the lower middle of the map, between the great rocky spires and columns that split the map up.

They also can be found in the dunes outside the map, although only a couple are far away from the mainland.

Now that you know where to find all the materials in Ark Survival Ascended Scorched Earth, you can build up your arsenal to find the Artefacts to take on the Manticore. But all in due time, of course.

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