What is Valorant Hot Mic Bug That is Letting Teammates Hear Weird Conversations

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Valorant Hot Mic Bug Explained

The most random chatter is making for some awkward moments.

The hot mic bug has gone viral across the Valorant community as it lets your teammates hear your conversations.

This bug randomly changes the state of the in-game team mic from push-to-talk to toggle and the players fail to notice this.

The hot mic bug has resulted in a lot of awkward and embarrassing moments for a lot of players including some streamers and content creators.

Valorant has become a battlefield of leaked conversations and plenty of awkward moments between teammates due to the trending 'hot mic' bug. A lot of players have been affected by it including streamers and content creators whose experiences have gone viral across social media.

Usually, the in-game mic used to speak to your teammates is switched off by default. It is bound to the key 'V' and works on a push-to-talk basis.

However, due to the hot mic bug that came into prominence after the latest patch 6.11, this team chat mic has become togglable by default. This means that once the button is pressed to talk, it remains turned on unless pressed again to switch off.

This unnotified simple change has become the cause of absolute nuisance and some embarrassing moments across the Valorant community.

What is the viral hot mic bug in Valorant?

As explained above, the bug in itself is nothing major just a change that affected how the team mic works which went totally unnoticed by Valorant players.

The default setting of the team mic which normally functions in a push-to-talk mode, shifts to toggle mode due to the hot mic bug. As the players are not used to this, they pressed the button to talk with their teammates and failed to notice that the mic was still on even after they left the key.

This resulted in other team members hearing whatever the player had to say not particularly related to the game, resulting in some awkward and embarrassing moments.

The ones affected by this probably did not notice what was going on right off the bat because the visual indicator comes on the extreme left side of the HUD and usually players have a tendency to not look over there.

In the clip above, Twitch streamer tokibbi was affected by the hot mic bug as her teammates overheard her discussing her haircut with the chat. They were the ones who pointed out that her team mic was on.

The hot mic bug situation was addressed by EG's Ethan "Ethan" Arnold also who found it to be rather amusing. Many other personalities commented on his tweet sharing their experiences and worries.

So far no fix has been rolled out by Riot Games and there does not seem to be any temporary fix at hand. For now, the only way to prevent this is to be careful and keep an eye out on the left side of your screen to check whether you have been affected by the hot mic bug or not, and manually stop talking.

Also, you can always just mute yourself permanently if playing solo, just to be on the safer side of things.

Published On: 09 Jun 2023, 02:58 PM

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