What Is the Golden Egg in Escape From Tarkov?

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The golden egg or simply egg in Escape from Tarkov is a valuable item. It is a generic loot item that can be found in different locations in the game. This item is required for the completion of two quests, including the Collector quest, that allows you to get your hands on the Kappa Secure Container, which is modeled after the real life pistol case called the V100 by Pelican. The Collector quest requires players to find all streamer-related items with ‘found in raid’ status. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the golden egg item in Escape from Tarkov and the locations where you can find it. This guide will also walk you through the quests that require you to possess the golden egg.

Golden Egg Tarkov explained

Firstly, to get to the Collector quest, players will need to have completed most of the Tarkov quests with only a few exceptions and must also have a high PMC character level. When you begin the quest, you need to find every single streamer item to get the Kappa container, the biggest safety container in the game. The golden egg is one such streamer/content creator item in the game. 

The description of this item reads, “A golden egg with a ‘Meyer’ engraving.” The name Meyer is a reference to content creator and Twitch streamer Patrick "MeYeR" Meyer

Some of the stats of the egg are as follows:

  • Type: Valuable

  • Weight: 0.2 kg

  • Grid size: 1x1

  • Effect: Generic loot item

The item can be found in the following locations/places:

  • Safe: The safe is a loot container that only spawns currency and jewelry items. 

  • Sport bag: They are duffle bags that are black and red. They spawn all barter items, provisions and medical items.

  • Dead Scav

  • Plastic suitcase

  • Ground cache

  • Buried barrel cache: A 4x3 grid-sized cache that is buried. It can contain currency, provisions, and uncommon loot.

Quests that need Golden Egg 

Players need to find the egg for the following two quests in Escape from Tarkov:

Living High is Not a Crime - Part 1: This quest is issued by trader Arshavir Sarkisovich Abramyan aka Ragman and is a pick-up type quest. The golden egg is one of the six handover items that players need to hand over to Ragman for rewards.

Collector: This quest is given by trader Fence in the game. After reaching level 55, you need to turn in a long list of streamer items to be rewarded with the Kappa container and a deadskull armband.

Note that for both quests, you need to find the egg with a ‘found-in-raid’ status or otherwise it does not count.

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