Welcome to 'Robot Vietnam' - Helldivers 2 players have lovingly renamed one of its most hectic planets

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Helldivers 2 has players rushing through hell, as they fight to defend democracy.

Image credit: Arrowhead Game Studios, PlayStation

Helldivers 2 has no shortage of perilous planets or treacherous Terminds, but one planet has the community shook. Dubbed "Robot Vietnam", this mix of thick jungle and red lasers has folks fighting for their lives.

The planet in question is Malevelon Creek, a location currently located on the automaton front. With a dark blue fog, thick flora, and hordes of dangerous robotic enemies that can drop out of nowhere into the brush, it's proving to be a bloody battlefield for those attempting to liberate it.

Helldivers 2 is quite the monster, one with a lot of merit to it. Not only is it PlayStation's biggest Pc launch, one that's quick to fix performance problems and made by devs keen to stick to their guns (for istance, they've got no interest in adding PvP). It's also a game that feels player-friendly, as its creative director is firm in insisting that the game absolutely isn't pay-to-win.

There are obviously loads of clips and shared stories circulated among Helldivers players right now, as the whole community gets to grip with the 3rd person shooter. You've got your general purpose wackiness, plenty of ragdoll, and of course an ample selection of Robot Vietnam to whet your appetite.

I jumped into Robot Vietnam this morning and I've got to say, it really can get hectic especially on the higher difficulties. If you bring along some friends and decide to take the fight to the Automaton hordes, keep your wits about you. Malevelon Creek is no joke. You'll need some armour-piercing weapons on hand for some of the beefier enemies, so be sure to bring along at least a heavy machine gun before you land.

How are you finding Helldivers 2? Have you checked out Malevelon Creek

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