Welcome to Bloxburg codes June 2024 – Are there any?

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Now entirely free to play, Bloxburg codes are about to become the talk of the block-based town, with every blocky person and their cube-like cat looking for more Roblox freebies.

Welcome to Bloxburg is a unique (and almost decade-old) Roblox roleplaying experience that has it all:  extravagant buildings, engaging jobs, and sometimes someone threatening to bulldoze through your quaint life with a tank that looks just a little bit off.

Welcome to Bloxburg codes

  • There are no new Bloxburg codes to use right now.

How do I redeem codes in Bloxburg?

Despite going free on June 15, 2024, Welcome to Bloxburg still hasn’t implemented a way to redeem codes in-game.

That’s not abnormal for these types of gargantuan Roblox experiences: they don’t need to hook players with freebies and can easily get away with selling merch to serve the same purpose while making a bit of money on the side.

Still, there’s every chance the odd free new Bloxburg code will drop to celebrate a birthday/anniversary or another big event.

What are Bloxburg codes?

Any Bloxburg codes that do appear would likely be redeemable coupons that award free items or in-game cash. They could help you reach those lofty in-game dreams just a little sooner.

How do I play Welcome to Bloxburg?

Bloxburg art showing two workers behind a counter.You can work or play in Bloxburg.

Once it’s free on June 15, 2024 at 5pm GMT, you’ll be able to play Welcome to Bloxburg by clicking the big Play button on the Bloxburg game page.

Can you get unbanned from Bloxburg?

Previously banned Bloxburg players will be unbanned automatically when the game goes free on June 15. The developers stated that it may take “a few days before everyone is unbanned after it goes free,” however, so you might just need to wait it out if your account is still banned as soon as the free update goes live.

How to get free items in Welcome to Bloxburg

A graphic showing three free Bloxburg items.Get these in-game items by purchasing Bloxburg before June 15, 2024.

Players who paid for Bloxburg before it went free have access to free in-game items that free players can never claim. So long as you bought (and played) the game before June 15, you’ll get some freebies the first time you log in after the free-to-play update.

Paying players can claim the following items:

  • Name tag
  • Comfort Master S500 vehicle
  • Early Access trophy

Check out the “ALL you NEED to KNOW about #FreeBloxburg” video for a little more information.

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