Uncharted Waters Origin adds two new admirals and a bunch of features in latest update

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Uncharted Waters Origin, Line Games’ seafaring sandbox RPG for mobile has just released an exciting new update. The game, in its short lifespan, has followed a typical schedule, launching a patch each month that adds new admirals and features.

The May update in Uncharted Waters Origin is no different as it introduces two new S Grade Admirals and the Assault and Mate Training systems. Say hello first to Sayyida al-Hurra, an original character who is the only remaining royal of Granada. She is a Combat focused admiral who will do whatever it takes to avenge her family and reclaim Granada from the Christians.

Leon Franco, on the other hand, is an Admiral that excels in Trade, especially those in the Artworks and Weapons categories. He inherits the will of a former head of a Portuguese household and, similar to Sayyida, embarks on the journey to re-establish his ruined family.

Furthermore, the update adds new Assault content, which involves players teaming up to take on a major boss. Currently, Edward Teach is the villain who can be attacked by those above level 45. Players should steer clear of his wide-range attacks while taking advantage of his weak Ram Defence if they want to obtain that sweet Grade Gear.


The Mate Training system specifically benefits the Expertise of mates that are already in the final stage. This opens doors to fine-tuning the abilities of mates after they’ve completed their growth. In addition, a Change Appearance feature will allow players to equip selected gear on their characters.

Another inclusion of this patch is Guild Donations, providing a boost for all members of a particular Guild. This can be achieved when someone donates Currency and can be further applied to Guild Assaults, which is their version of the boss battles. Finally, the game is celebrating its 100-day anniversary on June 8th, with numerous rewards up for grabs.

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