Two New Holo Indie Games Will Star Korone and Miko

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Cover revealed more new Hololive games under the holo indie label that will be available on PCs via Steam. While Kay Yu‘s Holo X Break is already widely known, the press release also unveiled two new free indie games titled Wowowow Korone Box and Miko in Maguma.

Wowowow Korone Box will be a top-down shooter made by the Canadian game developer tian nya. The player will control Inugami Korone to gather weapons dropped on the field and use them to shoot at the swarming enemies. However, they also need to make sure Korone avoids any enemy bullets, as a single hit will result in a game over. This game will be available in Japanese and English.

new Holo Indie game Miko in MagumaImage courtesy of Cover and frog blend

Meanwhile, the Japanese developer frog blend is working on Miko in Maguma. The vertical scrolling 2D platformer will star Sakura Miko. The character will throw a Sakura flower to determine her new position, and the player must make sure that the flower lands in a desirably higher position. Although the press release only mentioned Japanese and English language support, the Steam page confirmed that this game will also support Indonesian, just like Holo X Break.

The holo indie game Wowowow Korone Box will be available on April 12, 2024, and Miko in Maguma will follow on April 26, 2024. These games will respectively become the third and fourth entries under Cover’s Hololive indie game brand to be released after HoloParade on December 1, 2023, and Holo X Break on March 29, 2024. All titles in the holo indie brand are available worldwide on PC via Steam.

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