This Slowpoke plush is as big as the real thing, and costs $450

2 months ago 83

The latest addition to the Pokémon Center’s lineup of plush pocket monsters is unreasonably large and expensive. This massive Slowpoke weighs in at a little over 17 pounds, is 26-inches tall and 59-inches long, which is pretty close to the real deal. This Pokémon Center-exclusive doesn’t ship until November, but if you’ve got the room to accommodate this life-size plush, you can currently pre-order one for $450.

Some might call a purchase like this “selfish” or “fiscally irresponsible,” but I dare you to stare into Slowpoke’s vacant stare and tell them they need to find another home. Even I’ll admit that their chill vibes and snaggletooth grin are pretty irresistible.

We get that $450 is a large amount of money, and not everyone has room for a spare queen-size mattress in their home, so if you’d like to bring home some more reasonably priced plush Pokémon, we’d recommend checking out our roundup of where to find Pokémon Squishmallows.

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