This Skyrim mod won’t let you hide from your troubles

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Sometimes the best Skyrim mods come from the simplest of ideas. Nearly twelve years on, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim remains one of Steam’s most popular open-world games, and its vast modding scene is undoubtedly a big part of that. Well, one of its more prominent active modders is at it again, and this time they’re bringing in some hilarious personality to the many Skyrim NPCs when you try to disappear from their sight.

“You become invisible in front of people and no-one bats an eye,” modder ‘JaySerpa’ muses. “Well, no more!” In a comprehensive Skyrim mod pack titled NPCs React to Invisibility that features over 300 custom, voiced reactions, they’ve implemented a variety of different ways for NPCs to respond with surprise, horror, bemusement, annoyance, or delight as you pop in and out of the ether.

This mod is, in fact, a follow-up to a mod created by JaySerpa last year called NPCs React to Necromancy, which is probably pretty self-explanatory. As we’ve come to expect from JaySerpa, who is among the more high-profile creators still regularly making new mods, there’s some real attention to detail in here.

For example, mages and characters who have an understanding of illusion won’t be surprised by your antics. Someone who will be rather impressed, however, is College of Winterhold merchant Drevis Neloren – you might remember him as the Dunmer mage who, despite his seemingly advanced knowledge of Illusion magic, seems to be struggling to vanish himself.

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This Skyrim mod is one of those light additions that there’s really no reason not to install – it doesn’t edit the vanilla game records, so it’s compatible with everything else including other invisibility mods, and it’ll add a touch more immersion and even some silly moments to your next playthrough as you play peekaboo with the locals. Even if you aren’t much of an illusionist, it’ll work with invisibility potions as well.

With that in mind, this NPCs React to Invisibility Skyrim mod feels like a natural must-have, so head over here to add it to your game.

Mods like this are one reason I’m so eager for the Starfield release date to arrive, because I just know those planets are going to be filled with all manner of cool concepts. We’ve also ranked up the best games like Skyrim if you need a bit more fantasy in your life, with the Elder Scrolls 6 release date seemingly having mastered invisibility itself for the time being.

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