This arcade space shooter is so colourful I want to eat it, and it's out in August

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Super Space Club looks delicious

A tiny space ship flies through a yellow and purple space scene in Super Space Club Image credit: GrahamOfLegend

The Guerrilla Collective online showcase has blessed us with some fun announcements and reveals tonight, one being that August 4th will bring us the release of Super Space Club, a self-described "lo-fi arcade space shooter". Coming from Jamaican solo dev GrahamOfLegend, Super Space Club does indeed look to be delivering a retro space bullet hell kind of deal that reminds me of the summer holiday I spent playing Geometry Wars with my pals, but with a really cool chill soundtrack bringing the heartrate down a little. More importantly, the cold vastness of space is in this case a number of bright colours that make me think of the universe as a big Slush Puppie that I just want to shlorp up.

Oh sure, this game has a bunch of game stuff as well. There are different pilots (they are big animals, including what appears to be an octopus in a mech suit), ships and weapons to choose from, which will change the vibe of your endless-gunning, and the press release promises that the flight is "smooth physics-based thrusting".

This is, historically, a method of control that I am very bad at (why ship not stop when I stop press button??), but the slaloming around giant lasers in the video does look pretty sweet. There's stuff you'd expect from a game like this - giant enemy ships, increasingly tough waves of enemies, asteroids - but the music, which is by Missouri-based team Fat Bird - adds a little smack of something unique.

Super Space Club has been knocking around for a while so it's nice seeing the release date nailed down. It's also super interesting seeing the changes since the 2019 E3 trailer too. You can see the game has been refined a bit, though the core is the same, and the colours have become even more colourful. I don't know gang, something about this just makes me think of the games from that period where Xbox got really behind indie games for a spell.

And it makes me think of the pick 'n' mix shelves at the cinema! It just looks like it'd be a really nice sweet flavour, doesn't it? The greens and pinks would be sour candies, you've got that raspberry blue, got that grape purple, got the sunny yellow of soft bananas. I'm sure the exploded fragments of ship just add an extra crunch. You can wishlist Super Space Club on Steam now, ahead of the August 4th release.

This is just the start of the Summer Game Fest period of announcement-bombing, by the way, so keep an eye out for more over this weekend.

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