The Maw - 4th-9th December 2023

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This week is the week of The Games Awards, aka Geoffest, aka the Ke3ghleys - an absolute banquet of trailers, release dates and game announcements for the Maw. There are a few reveals in the offing. Some, we already know about, and may even have written up in advance; others, we'll learn about together with your good selves when the livestream begins at 4.30pm Los Angeles time on 7th December, which equates to 12.30am on 8th December (ouch) in the UK. There's the trifling matter of the first GTA 6 trailer on 5th December, too.

Some games out this week that we're keeping in the corner of our eye, in case they turn on us: A Highland Song (5th Dec), Blood West (5th Dec), Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader (7th Dec), Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora (7th Dec).

09:40 am December 04 2023 UTC

Alfy says: "Something Fairly Big"? A genuine SFB? Ohhhhh, the suspense is killing me.

Now that I've hyped it up, it's probably going to turn out to be some gun cosmetics or something.

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell

09:04 am December 04 2023 UTC

The Game Bakers have released a free 8-bit demake of their cult hit boss-attacker Furi.

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell

08:55 am December 04 2023 UTC

NetherRealm's Ed Boon has said that there's a Mortal Kombat 1 story expansion in the works, which will be followed by a "big surprise".

.@noobde: “just like we did with MK11, we’re going to release a second part with more story and we have a big surprise after that.” #MortalKombat #MK1 #CCXP #MortalKombat1

— Wesley Carlos (@WesleyLPBR) December 3, 2023

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell

08:51 am December 04 2023 UTC

Speaking to MP1st, Crytek have confirmed that yes, Crysis 4 is still in development.

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell

08:48 am December 04 2023 UTC

This morning's updates are being written as I travel to a press event for Something Fairly Big - hope to share more soon.

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell

08:47 am December 04 2023 UTC

Phil Spencer has been chatting to Windows Central about all things Xbox. Amongst other things, Spencer told the site that Microsoft has spent "over a billion dollars a year supporting third-party games coming into Game Pass". He also said of his penchant for name-dropping old franchises people would love Microsoft to revive that: "usually when I tease, there's something there".

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell

08:42 am December 04 2023 UTC

EA have trademarked "Neon Fox", as passed on by TwiXer user Kurakasis. Is it a game? A new studio? It seems likely we'll find out later this week.

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell

07:58 am December 04 2023 UTC

Some rowdy kick-off music for this week - Pearl Jam's Do the Evolution.

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell

07:56 am December 04 2023 UTC

It is MAWNDAY. Do I hear the wail of a thousand embargoed news stories? Re-ensorcel the fifth Warding Line! Fetch my extra-large hammer! FEED THE MAW.

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell

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