The maniacal Bryan Fury is next to join the Tekken 8 roster

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The Man who Laughs

Bandai Namco has revealed yet another veteran fighter headed to the roster of its upcoming sequel, Tekken 8 — And following on from the fun ‘n’ games of Lili Rochefort and Asuka Kazama, this newest trailer brings a whole lot more darkness, fear, and pain, with the return of psychopathic mercenary Bryan Fury!

Making his debut in 1997’s Tekken 3, Bryan Fury is a former Hong Kong Interpol agent who was killed in a shootout, also involving celebrated detective Lei Wu-Long. Fury’s corpse was rushed to the laboratory of the moral-free Dr. Abel, who wished to experiment on reanimated bodies for the purpose of future warfare. Now essentially a reanimated half-cyborg, Bryan’s mind is all but completely lost, creating a sociopathic weapon capable of incredible destruction without as much as a raised eyebrow.

Fury’s new trailer reveals that our favourite zombie’s hard-hunting punches and trademark backfists are in full effect, along with his capabilities for superhuman feats of strength, defying the power of his Actually Alive brethren. Of course, Fury’s penchant for maniacal laughter rings through the entire trailer, because if you can’t have a good ol’ chuckle when you’re dead, when can you?

Bryan Fury’s trailer was, unfortunately, leaked a little ahead of schedule, upsetting Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada. But the preview finally got its official debut at the climax of this weekend’s Combo Breaker tournament in Illinois, where the madman’s return was welcome by the Tekken faithful.

Tekken 8 is currently in development for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X. It is tentatively expected to launch late in 2023 or early 2024. Be sure to check out the previous trailers for  Jin Kazama, Marshall Law, Nina Williams, King, Paul PhoenixJack-8, Lars AlexanderssonKazuya MishimaJun Kazama, Ling Xiayou, Asuka KazamaLeroy Smith, Lili Rochefort, and Hwoarang.

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