The Epyx Collection: Handheld brings California Games and five other Atari Lynx games to Switch

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A new retro compilation coming to the Switch next week will see the return of cult sports title California Games.

The Epyx Collection: Handheld includes six games that were previously developed by Epyx and released on the Atari Lynx, including California Games.

The compilation will be released on the Switch on April 25, and will cost $11.99 / £11.99.

Features include display filters (including retro LCD and CRT filters), the ability to save game states, and right-handed and left-handed control presets.

The full list of Atari Lynx games featured in the compilation is as follows:

  • Blue Lightning
  • California Games
  • ElectroCop
  • Gates of Zendocon
  • Todd’s Adventures in Slime World
  • Zarlor Mercenary

California Games was originally released on the Apple II and Commodore 64 in 1987, before being ported to numerous other home computers, consoles and handhelds.

The game was a spin-off of Epyx’s Summer Games and Winter Games titles, which were based on Olympic and Winter Olympic sports, but ended up becoming more popular than both.

As the title suggests, it focused on sports that were popular in California at the time, including half-pipe skateboarding, footbag, BMX, surfing, roller skating and flying disc.

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The Epyx Collection: Handheld is developed by Imagine Software and published by Pixel Games, both of which are based in the UK.

Pixel Games has already released a number of retro titles on the Switch, including The Monty Mole Collection, Hidden Gems: Volume One (which includes four C64 games) and a re-release of another Lynx game, Chip’s Challenge.

The publisher has only recently started releasing titles on Switch, but has been re-releasing retro classics on Steam for some time now, with over 100 titles on the platform.

Retro games released on Steam by Pixel Games include Impossible Mission Remastered, the Horace Trilogy, Super Kick Off, Kikstart and the Actua Sports series.

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