The End Of Battlefield 2042, 'Woke' Scrabble, And More Of The Week's Biggest News

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Another week’s in the books for 2024, and there were some interesting updates in the world of games, anime, and more. Battlefield 2042 is no more, no one knows what’s next for Helldivers 2, Scrabble is woke, and Hatsune Miku fans are mad. Let’s get into it. 

An image shows soldiers in Battlefield 2042 fighting and shooting.

Image: EA / Dice

Battlefield 2042’s seventh season, going on now, will be the game’s last. While the online shooter will continue to receive some support, EA and Dice are looking forward to what’s next. To help build that future, Motive Studio—the team behind the Dead Space remake—will join the franchise and work on future games in the series. - Zack Zwiezen Read More

Miku Expo North America art.

Image: Crunchyroll

If Hatsune Miku were an actual person and not an insanely popular virtual popstar vocaloid (a software that synthesizes singing from lyric and melody inputs) she’d currently be in hot water with fans after her latest concert series. Miku Expo is an annual international tour where vocaloid developer Crypton Future Media and anime streaming company Crunchyroll bring Hatsune Miku fans together for a concert, exhibits, and other fan events, all leading to a virtual performance by the character herself, typically via a hologram. But this year, Miku’s appearance was displayed on an LED TV screen at the first two shows of the tour, and that was just one of the big issues fans have had with the shows thus far. - Kenneth Shepard Read More

A screenshot of a character in Fallout 4 using one of the new makeshift weapons, a piggy bank launcher.

Image: Bethesda Softworks

If you’ve been watching Amazon’s new (and good) Fallout show and thinking, “Damn, I should play one of those games,” the most polished of the bunch is about to get a new update! That’s right, remember that next-gen update that Bethesda Softworks announced for Fallout 4 around the series’ 25th anniversary? Well, it quietly missed its previous 2023 release window and is finally landing in a few weeks to coincide with the premiere of the well-received TV adaptation. - Moises Taveras Read More

A screenshot of a number of Automaton enemy types in Helldivers 2.

Image: Arrowhead Game Studios / Sony

They did it. They said it was impossible, and that all the odds were against them, but the bastards did it. Over the weekend, Arrowhead Game Studios passed down the final phase of Operation Swift Disassembly, a major order that tasked Helldivers 2 players with wiping out the robot Automatons for good. Despite projections suggesting it would take longer than the allotted time though, players completed the objective. The robots are done for. We’ve won half this war. - Moises Taveras Read More

A bunch of Diablo 4 warriors battle against a demon horde.

Image: Blizzard

Diablo 4, Blizzard’s loot-grinding RPG that launched to commercial success and critical acclaim in June 2023, is regularly getting solid updates that fix mechanics and tweak classes for improved playability The latest big update is sure to bring some lapsed players back into the fold. Loot is sounding much more promising, as Diablo 4 Season 4 will introduce a new system to make gear-finding far more rewarding and personal than previous seasons have. - Levi Winslow Read More

An image of a grown man who is upset about Scrabble going woke.

Screenshot: Fox News / Kotaku

The popular board game Scrabble has gone woke, according to five grown adults who are paid way too much money to sit around and entertain grumpy boomers on Fox News. - Zack Zwiezen Read More

An image shows an anime character freaking out.

Screenshot: Toei Animation / Konami

A woman went viral on social media after claiming she left a Yu-Gi-Oh card game event due to how terrible many of the other players smelled.

On April 6, a person posted on X (formerly Twitter) that they were at a local Yu-Gi-Oh trading card tournament at a hobby shop in Japan. The poster claimed they ran into a woman who was competing in the event, but she left halfway through and the original poster blamed it on other players being too aggressive and unwelcoming to new players. Shortly after that post spread around the web, however, a woman on Twitter responded claiming to be the duelist who left early. And she explained it wasn’t due to poor player behavior or losing quickly. Instead, she blamed the terrible odor from other players inside the card shop. - Zack Zwiezen Read More

A screenshot of the BitBoy One handheld device.

Screenshot: Ordz Games / Kotaku

Ordz Games has revealed a new retro-inspired handheld gaming console that will allegedly let players earn Bitcoins while playing games that are connected to the larger blockchain network. The console isn’t out yet, but will likely cost around $500, according to the company behind the device. - Zack Zwiezen Read More

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Persona protagonists standing in front of a wall of art

Image: Atlus

Midori, the reliable leaker known for revealing that Persona 3 Reload would be getting The Answer as DLC, has more news for Persona fans. This time it’s about the inevitable Persona 6, which remains unannounced by Atlus. According to a post on social media from Midori, the dominant color in the next mainline entry’s color scheme will be green. Fans are losing it over this news, not because they love or hate the color green (to each their own) but rather because it seems to confirm a longtime theory aboutPersona 6. - Willa Rowe Read More

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