That game everyone loves that you just can't stand? Turns out, everyone's got one of those

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Some popular games are actually real stinkers.

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Sometimes it's just really baffling why certain games are popular. And you wonder to yourself if it's just because you're broken in some way. What malfunction or defect from birth would lead someone to, say, think Horizon Zero Dawn is a load of cobblers?

We're here to assure you that it's fine, actually, to just not get Mass Effect. To look on in bewilderment as your colleagues all obsess over Death Stranding. To be left cold by everyone's incessant overtures about Breath of the Wild. Some things just aren't for you! And that's ok! The healthy way to deal with it is to accept that you're just, in some small way, better or smarter or more discerning than everyone else.

But which of our distinguished panel has picked the best game that everyone except them loves? To find out, watch this. Watch this!

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This is the video. You should watch it, you get to see everyone's lovely faces as they react to Tom's poop stories.

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This is the audio. You should listen to it, that way you don't have to see our faces as we react to Tom's poop stories.

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