Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Officially Launches This September On Xbox

2 weeks ago 45

"Experience the ultimate racing & lifestyle experience"

It's finally official - the new Test Drive Unlimited is coming to Xbox this September! Yep, after a recent teaser for a 'major announcement', the team has done just that - confirming that Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will launch for Xbox Series X and S on September 12th, 2024.

If you're as excited to jump into this open-world racer as we are, you can actually go hands-on with the game a fair while earlier than that date. Nacon is opening up access for pre-order players on September 5th - a full week earlier than the standard release date.

"Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is a lifestyle and social experience that redefines the standards of open-world racing games. Alone or with friends, explore Hong Kong Island, accurately reproduced at 1:1 scale. Collect exceptional cars from dealerships, customize them in workshops, and showcase your style to reach the elite of the competition."

If you've been following this game for a while, you'll know that a solid release date has been a long, long time coming. In fact, Nacon first introduced Solar Crown to the world way back in July 2020, so we're talking a full four-year marketing cycle before this thing actually hits the streets.

For now, we're trying to keep our hype levels in-check, but we're hopeful that after numerous delays — and a couple of great WRC releases in the meantime — developer KT Racing can bring back the good times with Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown.

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