T-Series Rallies to Defend Title of Biggest YouTube Channel as MrBeast Inches Closer

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T-Series Rallies To Defend Title Of Biggest YouTube Channel As MrBeast Inches Closer

Are you ready for the Second YouTube War?

T-Series released a call to action for all viewers to unite and subscribe to the channel to become a vital part of their musical family.

This comes as MrBeast inches closer to overtaking it with a gap of only 11 million subscribers separating the two YouTube channels.

T-Series currently sits at 263 million subscribers whereas MrBeast currently has 252 million subscribers.

The premier Indian music record label and film production company, T-Series, which also holds the title of the most subscribed YouTube channel, is rallying viewers on the platform to subscribe.

On 15th April 2024, Monday, T-Series uploaded a video titled 'Unite & Create History' which was a call to action, primarily for the Indian audience to come together and subscribe to the channel so it continues to be the biggest YouTube channel in the world.

This comes in response to MrBeast inching closer to overtake them on the platform, a difference of just 11 million subscribers separating the two channels.

T-Series vs MrBeast: Fight for the Title of Most Subscribed YouTube Channel Is On

Four years after winning the great YouTube battle against PewDiePie in 2019, T-Series has woken from its slumber once again, rallying its viewers to unite against MrBeast who is threatening to overtake the 41-year-old record label's official channel on the platform.

T-Series currently has a total of 263 million subscribers, on the other hand, MrBeast has a total of 252 million subscribers, just 11 million short of becoming the biggest YouTube channel in the world based on subscriber count.

In its public request, a statement by the late founder, Gulshan Kumar reads, "I, want to put India and my people at top of the International Platform. Come, take my hand, let us work together to make my dream, become your dream. May our dream become a reality."

This is followed by visuals and more statements preaching how T-Series is a community for music lovers and instructs viewers on how to subscribe so that they can also become a vital part of their musical family.

"So what are you waiting for? Join us on this incredible music journey," reads the concluding statement of this video.

This message has reached MrBeast through a Twitter channel called 'MrBeast vs T-Series' and in response to it the internet celebrity simply responded by posting the *side eye* emoji and did not post a single word.

Though the response was not half as interesting as what the public would have expected, it has surely stoked the flames enough to create a buzz across the YouTube community which is ready to witness the second YouTube war.

This call to action from T-Series comes barely six months after MrBeast crossed the 200 million subscriber milestone after which he had stated to get revenge for PewDiePie, who had ended up losing the race to 100 million subscribers against T-Series in 2019.

MrBeast After Crossing 200 Million Subscribers on YouTube

MrBeast is already the most subscribed content creator on YouTube, surpassing PewDiePie in November 2022, and the rate at which his channel is growing it seems very likely that he could soon overtake T-Series and end their reign as the most subscribed channel.

Published On: 16 Apr 2024, 02:36 PM

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