Switch’s N64 controller is back in stock in the UK

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The Nintendo 64 controller for the Switch is back in stock in the UK via the official My Nintendo Store.

Since its launch supply sold out in October 2021 the controller has almost always been out of stock, but it’s now available to buy again for £39.99 via this link:

The controller is only available to My Nintendo members, and has a lifetime limit of four per customer.

Nintendo has released classic replica controllers for most of the retro game libraries available on Nintendo Switch Online.

The NES controller is generally readily available to buy these days, and the Mega Drive controller returned earlier this month and is still available. The SNES controller, however, remains out of stock.

The Switch version of the N64 controller is a replica of the original, but it includes extra ZR, Home and Share buttons on the top, as well as a USB-C port for charging.

Switch Online’s N64 library launched in October 2021 and has seen new games being steadily added since then.

There are currently 22 Nintendo 64 games available on the service, which can only be accessed with a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack Membership.

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