Sushi Ben Looks Like a Superb Manga-Inspired Experience for PSVR2

3 weeks ago 38

A slice of life

While it’s great to be immersed in realistic worlds using the supercharged capabilities of Sony’s PSVR2 headset, stylised visuals can sometimes work better. Sushi Ben appears to understand that, by delivering a manga-inspired world available from 28th May. This vibrant outing from Big Brane is packed with fun little minigames, where you’ll explore a seaside town in a compelling slice of life outing.

Your overarching task is to prevent a local sushi bar from going out of business, and so you’ll need to assist the local townsfolk in a variety of activities to help cultivate trade. As you’d perhaps expect, fishing takes centre stage, as you go angling for different types of swimmers in service of giving your customers what you want.

But that’s not all! There are tons of activities to engage in, including table tennis, bug catching, dog walking, archery, and more – all of which will take advantage of the unique motion-controlled gameplay only PSVR2 can provide. And this is all complemented by an awesome manga art style, which includes pop-up comic book panels and more.


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