Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble 16-player online mayhem revealed in new Battle Modes trailer from SEGA

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Race, blast, and battle your friends for banana domination.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble Image credit: SEGA

SEGA has revealed new details on multiplayer and battle modes for Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble, both of which feature local and online play and a host of features.

In Battle Mode, up to two players locally or up to 16 players online can play together as they battle their way across five different modes. You can also have up to 15 bots (16 players in total) join you.

You can race against other players and reach the goal before they do but be careful because if you fall off the stage, you’ll have to start again at the last checkpoint.

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With Banana Hunt, the goal is to collect as many bananas as possible. There will be a Banana Cloud that will randomly appear and rain down lots of Banana Bunches, and during the last 30 seconds of the match, Fever Time will activate and Banana Bunches will appear all over the stage.

Ba-BOOM tasks you with passing a bomb to your opponent and rolling far away before things go kaboom. If you’re not holding onto a bomb by the end of a round, you’ll be rewarded with points. Whoever has the most points after five rounds wins.

Then, there’s Goal Rush, a team-based mode. Here, the objective is to roll through goals to gain points while working together to outscore the opposing team. At the end of the match, each team will receive points for every goal that matches their team color.

Robot Smash has you destroying bots. In this mode, two teams will compete against each other by hitting giant robots. How much damage you do depends on the weight of your character and how fast you're moving. The team with the most points at the end of the match wins.

In each of these modes, you will also encounter item boxes. Roll into one, and you'll be given one of many different items such as banana peels to make someone slip, a bat to knock your opponent away, a missile you use to blast opponents, and a heavy ball that will slow down anyone it hits. Some are even unique to certain characters.

Alongside these competitive options, the game’s Adventure Mode allows up to four players to team up in cooperative play, either online or locally.

Here’s a list of features for Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble:

  • Experience thrilling gameplay that is easy to pick up and play yet challenging and fulfilling to master.
  • Go bananas with your favorite bunch and drop into online multiplayer for up to 16 players or local multiplayer for up to 4 players!
  • Slip into a wonderfully crafted story either locally or online in the all-new Adventure Mode, where you will journey through 200 newly crafted stages either in 4-player co-op or solo.
  • Show off your style by customizing your character with over 300 fashionable items to choose from.
  • Use the new Spin Dash technique to sprint past rivals or create new shortcuts to victory.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble releases for Switch on June 25. There will be a physical Legendary Banana Edition or the Digital Deluxe Edition available and you can find out more about those through the links.

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