Star Wars Outlaws Release Date Leaks After YouTube Flub

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Star Wars Outlaws protagonist Kay Vess peeks from behind some structure with an alien creature on her left shoulder.

Image: Ubisoft

Oops. Someone at Ubisoft accidentally pushed the wrong buttons on a YouTube trailer premiere for Star Wars Outlaws. The latest trailer for the open-world Star Wars game wasn’t published in full, but the premiere page went live alongside the video description a little earlier than it was supposed to. As a result, we now know the game’s release date a few hours ahead of schedule.

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Gematsu caught a glimpse of the Japanese premiere page before it was quickly taken down, and it revealed Star Wars Outlaws will launch on August 30 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. The trailer will premiere later today at noon Eastern Time.

Outlaws takes place between The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi, and follows new hero Kay Vess at the height of the Empire’s reign. She’s a scoundrel, so she’s always wheeling, dealing, scavenging, and just generally doing some illegal shit while Star Wars’ baddies are at their most vigilant.

“We always knew we wanted to create an original scoundrel story,” narrative director Navid Khavari told Kotaku. “There was something exciting about looking at [this universe] from the perspective of a scoundrel like Kay, who has no experience with the Empire, Jedi, Rebellion or the Sith.”

As a result of Kay’s criminal activities, Outlaws will have a Wanted system not too dissimilar from what you’d see in a Grand Theft Auto game. But it’s a Ubisoft open-world game at its heart, only on a galactic scale. Kay will be able to fly through space on her Trailblazer starship, which will take her to different planets from throughout Star Wars history. Apparently, one planet in Outlaws alone will be the size of some entire open worlds from the Assassin’s Creed games. Despite that, Ubisoft says its scale won’t be so out of hand that players might get overwhelmed and deem it “unfinishable.”

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