A first look at the next game from the studio behind Warframe.

Digital Extremes has released the debut gameplay footage of Soulframe, its July 2022-announced free-to-play action hybrid massively multiplayer online RPG currently in early development.

“This is an internal combat prototype to show you a bit of how the pacing and flow of Soulframe is going to be,” said Digital Extremes chief corporate officer Steve Sinclair in a Warframe developer stream. “There’s lots of stolen assets from Warframe, there’s lots of janky stuff… so again, this is not intended to be a traditionally publisher saying ‘Worldwide Reveal!’ This is just us making a… bad decision and showing you the hard process.”

Platforms and a release date for Soulframe have yet to be announced.

Watch the footage below.


(From 1:01:37 to 1:05:42.)