Sony Intends to Release 12 Live Service Games Before April 2026

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Sony has been talking about expanding into the live service space for a couple of years now, and it’s become increasingly clear that the company is going to see some major activity on that front in the near future. Last year, it said that it was planning on releasing at least 10 live service games before the end of of fiscal year 2025/26 (which ends on March 31, 2026), and it seems it’s accelerated those plans even further.

In its recent fiscal report, Sony revealed that it is now planning on releasing 12 live service games before April 2026. It currently mentions MLB The Show as its one and only live service title, but according to that company, that number will increase to 6 before April next year, to 10 over the following year, and then to 12 the year after that.

As for what those games could be, while there isn’t much out there by way of official announcements yet, some educated guesses can be made. Standalone multiplayer games in the Horizon and The Last of Us franchises have been officially confirmed, while it’s also known that the likes of Haven and Firewalk are working on live service titles (though it seems Deviation Games’ project has been cancelled). Meanwhile, SIE London Studio has confirmed that it’s working on a fantasy co-op game, while leaks have claimed that a Twisted Metal game is also in the works.

Sony has a PlayStation Showcase event scheduled for later today, so it’s likely that at least some of its upcoming live service games will be shown off.

It’s also likely that Sony will approach release platforms for these titles differently to how it handles its single player games. While PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has said that games in the latter category will continue to release exclusively for the PS5, last year, PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst said that as far as live service games were concerned, simultaneous releases for PS5 and PC were very much on the table.

The company has also said that its live service titles will target “different genres, different release schedules, and at different scales.” Read more on that through here. Meanwhile, it’s also been confirmed that Bungie, now a PlayStation-owned company, is helping Sony evaluate its live service pipeline.

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