Sony Has “Some Smaller First-Party Games” Planned for 2024, Including Astro Bot – Rumour

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Sony said earlier this year that it wouldn’t be releasing any new instalments in existing major franchises until at least April 2025, and though that certainly sparked some concern in the PlayStation fanbase, it seems the company does have other, smaller things in store to make up for the lack of its typical flagship releases.

That’s as per journalist Jeff Grubb, who recently claimed on his Giant Bomb podcast, Game Mess Mornings, that Sony does have some smaller first-party titles lined up for release in 2024. As per Grubb, that includes a new Astro Bot game, which is something that he’s claimed previously as well.

That would certainly align with how Sony has approached 2024 so far, with the likes of Helldivers 2, Rise of the Ronin, and the upcoming Stellar Blade. The company also has Concord and Until Dawn scheduled to release this year.

Beyond that, 2024 has also seen Sony leaning on third-party exclusives, like Final Fantasy 7 Rebirthwhich launched in February, and Bloober Team and Konami’s Silent Hill 2 remake, which is supposedly due out this year, and, as per leaks, will be showcased at an as-yet-unannounced PlayStation event in May.

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