Some PS5 Fans Think the Rumoured PlayStation Showcase Will Be Announced Today

3 weeks ago 39

Never say never

PlayStation ShowcaseImage: Push Square

You already know the situation: everyone is expecting Sony to wheel out a big PlayStation Showcase announcement ahead of Summer Game Fest and all the other gaming events in the summer. Why? Well, because it happened last year, and because it's been heavily rumoured for at least a couple of months. But right now, the speculation seems to be slipping out of control, because some PlayStation fans are convinced that the announcement's happening today.

The thinking behind this theory largely stems from timing. We're obviously fast approaching the last week of May 2024, and going by what happened roughly 12 months ago, Sony will want to host its presentation before the month is out. Again, Summer Game Fest is set for the 7th June, so if the Japanese giant's goal is to be ahead of the competition — just like in 2023 — then it'll have to announce something now.

2023's PlayStation Showcase was confirmed a week in advance, on the 17th May — a Wednesday, it should be stressed — before taking place on the 24th May.

Adding fuel to the fire, you've got the likes of Shpeshal Nick saying the event is probably happening next week — although let's face it, pretty much anyone could make that claim given the above speculation. Still, a lot of people take notice of this stuff, and, yet again, the timing lines up.

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