Skyesports and Orangutan Gaming Bury the Hatchet

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The long-standing dispute over the selection criteria for the Skyesports Championship Series 2023 (SCS) for BGMI has finally been resolved. The controversy arose when Orangutan Gaming (OG) co-founders expressed their disappointment at being invited to the quarterfinals instead of the semifinals. 

Orangutan Gaming believed that its team's impressive track record should have earned them a place among the top contenders. The organization felt that the emphasis on viewership numbers overshadowed the hard work, dedication, and accomplishments of their players. This sentiment was echoed by OG's co-founders and resonated strongly with their fans and supporters.  

In a public statement, Shiva Nandy announced that the dispute had been successfully resolved through a phone call between the two parties. Yash Bhanushali also expressed his optimism, looking forward to working together with Skyesports to establish a robust esports ecosystem. Both founders took to social media platforms to share their positive sentiments and put an end to the long-standing conflict.

All Parties Involved Fixed the Dispute

Originally, Vinay "Hades Plays" Rao, the head of esports at OG, took to Instagram and Twitter to voice his disappointment, particularly comparing their team's achievements to those of Team 8Bit and Team Xspark, who received semifinal spots.

The co-founder of 8Bit Esports, Animesh "Thug" Agarwal, responded to this during his livestream. He questioned whether the dispute should have been limited to Orangutan Gaming and Skyesports, without involving other teams like 8Bit. Thug suggested that instead of blaming other teams for their slot, OG should have presented their case for why their team deserved a spot.  

Acknowledging the public nature of the dispute, Hades Plays apologized publicly to Thug, addressing him as "Bhai" (brother) and expressing regret for his previous comments. Thug accepted the apology and emphasized the need for maintaining a pleasant atmosphere between teams, especially considering the close relationship between OG and 8Bit Esports. He concluded by stating that all issues have now been resolved.  

Ultimately, all parties involved in the Skyesports Championship Series 2023 dispute have seemingly worked together to find a resolution. They have refocused their attention on creating a healthy esports environment and are committed to avoiding similar conflicts in the future.

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