Skullgirls Mobile Brain Drain and Minette Animations Shared

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Following the Combo Breaker Skullgirls World Championship on May 24, 2024, Hidden Variable Studios shared footage of Brain Drain and Minette in Skullgirls Mobile on social media. Both characters will be Guest Stars in that version of the game in 2024.

Both Brain Drain and Minette are both Skullgirls characters who appeared in the series’ lore, but have never been playable until the upcoming mobile Gest Star appearances. The two of them were among possible potential DLC characters we were able to vote for as possible additions to the roster in a 2013 IndieGoGo campaign. While characters like Annie, Beowulf, Black Dahlia, Eliza, Marie, and Umbrella did eventually make it into the game as playable characters, with Marie being the most recent addition in March 2024, these two characters did not.

First, here is the Brain Drain announcement trailer. At the very end, it notes that he and Minette will be joined by a third, as yet unidentified, character as the initial three Guest Stars.

Next, here’s an in-progress animation for a Brain Drain Guest Star attack.

Finally, here’s the latest in-progress animated clip of Minette performing an attack in the game.

As for the winner of the 2024 Skullgirls World Championship, Dominique SonicFox McLean won.

Skullgirls Mobile is available for mobile devices, and Brain Drain and Minette will appear in it in 2024.

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